Handmade Unicorn Sweets OP – Otome No Sewing Vol 14

Hey you all! I’m back with another sewing blog post. I want to keep on practicing my sewing, and also because the Angelic Pretty’s OTT pastel sweet dresses are getting harder to obtain right now *shake my fist* . That’s why I made my own dress.

I came across this fabric shop from Japan, it’s called Nippori-Tomato and I saw this cute unicorn themed fabric, it has unicorns, donuts, macarons and cupcakes. I knew I had to make a dress out of it! After my package has arrived, I was a bit surprised that it was sent in a bolt, then I realized it’s a laminated cotton fabric, it has this clear vinyl layer on top. I checked the listing again, it was gone because I actually cleared their stock lol, then I checked a similar listing. I realized I missed シーチングラミネート(つや消し) in the title, which means laminated matte. It’s definitely my fault for not translating the entire listing. Fortunately, I was able to separate the vinyl and cotton by washing the fabric in hot water, after the washing machine finished the cycle, I could peel off the vinyl from the cotton fabric. It was an arm workout for sure though!

I also ordered some cute bow applique trim and a fabric button maker kit, I was really excited to make my own buttons so they can match the fabric’s print!

For the rig rag trim and tiny pom pom trim, I got them from Walmart. They remind me of icing and candies so I think they would work really well for the unicorn desserts theme.

The pattern I used is based on this OP’s cut but with shorter length and more gathering of fabric.

I put together this coord quickly with my new dress (and also my usakumya pochette, my sweet boi), even though there was a few hiccups while sewing it, but overall I’m satisfied with the result.

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Handmade lolita OP (Vintage and Gunne Sax inspired) – Otome No Sewing Vol.14

One of my lockdown/stay at home activities would be sewing, I have to admit my sewing skill is a bit rusty because I haven’t sewn in a long time, but I wanted to challenge myself! So I bought the Otome No Sewing Book Vol.14, because I love how it features different neo lolita styles dresses!

This is the vintage prairie inspired OP, it’s a long tiered dress with lace collar & ruffles, very similar to Gunne Sax, it’s so elegant. I did make a modification, I made a simple elastic ruffle cuff instead of buttons cuff.

I felt like a Victorian maiden when I wore this coordinate. ❤ I also had a lot of fun twirling in my long dress! I uploaded a video clip for Bay Area Kei’s Garnet Gateau Fashion Walk, excited to showcase my dress there!


I chose a blush pink double gauze fabric as the base fabric, and white dot lace fabric for the collar & outer sleeves.

The blush pink double gauze fabric is from Funky Monkey Fabrics.

The white lace dot fabric is from an etsy shop called blacklacefabric.

The ivory lace trim is from a fabric store in my local area, the owner gave me some extra meters so shout out to him, they are perfect for this dress! 🙂

The pink ribbon is from Walmart.

So what are the challenges I’ve encountered? & How did I solve them?

  • I’m a bit picky about fabric, I’ve checked fabricland before the 2nd lockdown, but I didn’t see any fabric I like. I did bought some interfacing on sale, and an invisible zipper, so I didn’t really waste my time there haha. I also didn’t want to go fabric shopping in downtown, so I ended up buying fabric online instead.
  • The downside of fabric shopping online is you can’t feel and touch the fabric, so you’re only relying on the stock photo and description, but you can email the store if you have questions.
  • The Otome No Sewing Book is in Japanese, even though I can read kanji, but I still had a hard time figuring out what does the instruction said. Thank goodness we are living in the smartphone era, I was able to use the camera function on google translate to translate the text! Fun facts: The katakana “コンシールファスナー” means concealed fastener, which means invisible zipper. “山道テープ ” literally translates mountain road tape, but it means ric rac trim. I guess they called it mountain road tape because it looks like a windy road on mountain. Personally I even think the wavy trim shapes like mountain too!
ric rac trim
  • I was having a hard time working with the double gauze fabric, yes it’s pretty and soft, but it’s also so light and delicate. I died a little bit inside when I created a hole when ripping out the seams. I guess I have to be extra gentle and patient when I work with fabric like that.
  • Cat. Solution 1: You give the cat treats, so she moves away from the pattern. Solution 2: You wait until she moves away from the pattern.

My recent Rose Marie Seoir haul

Technically it’s Rose Marie Seoir + MILK haul, because the cardigan on the left is from MILK. Rose Marie Seoir is my favourite larme kei/girly style brand, I love their aesthetic so much, it’s like a combination of kawaii fashion + vintage fashion. Also kittens, fluffy powder puffs and frills?! Sign me up!!

Because most of the items have been discontinued/sold out on the official website, I was able to get them on mercari in nwot or great condition.

Let’s start off with the powder puff bags, I bought two of them because I think the white x pink can match with my sweet coords and the black x pink can match with my darker coords. Even though they both look similar but the black purse is made out of feather fabric and the white purse is made out of faux fur fabric. I love both textures though, they are so soft and fluffy.

I haven’t actually used them yet, due to the lockdown, I don’t really go out much. I mean I can still wear my fluffy purse to the grocery store lol.

Next items would be the Rose Marie Seoir sash in mint & feather trim OP, the text said, “Une révolution du coeur”, it means “A revolution of the heart” in French. It’s a cute sash, I think it will look great with a OTT coord.

The feather trim OP is so 90s aesthetic, it gives me fembot and Cher Horowitz vibes.

I also got a pair of powder puff mule heels, they’re so cute! Though I’m a bit worried that I might get the powder puffs dirty if I wear them outside since they are so close to the ground.

I tried on the MILK cardigan, feather trim OP, powder puff purse and heels. I think the MILK cardigan goes well with the dress, and I like the ruffles peaking out. I also wore my pink hair extension, I was gonna use my actual hair, but I changed my mind, perhaps next time I will do the mermaid wave. I haven’t worn larme kei since last summer at the sunflower field, it makes me happy to see myself put on cute clothes and makeup once in a while.

Hannah Diamond Reflections Signed CD 💜

The cover art of Miss HD’s Reflections.

I found out about Hannah Diamond through Charli XCX’s Vroom Vroom EP, so the first song I heard from her is “Paradise”. What I love about Hannah Diamond is her music is so dreamy and bittersweet. She is also a visual artist & photographer, she shot and edited the album cover by herself.

I missed out on the first release of the special edition signed CD, but I was able to purchase the signed CD from bleep.com instead, so it wasn’t shipped in the Miss HD’s holographic bubble mailer, but I still love my copy very much! ❤

Can I just say how much I love the sleeve design?! It’s a HD eyeshadow palette, just like in her “Fade Away” music video. I love the silver foil logo, and the product label at the back is perfect. The CD came with a code for free download of Reflections’ acapellas and instrumentals.

My top 3 tracks from Reflections would be:


Yes, Reflections the title track. I love the song’s message, because it taught me to embrace my imperfection. Sometimes I feel insecure about myself, so Reflections feel like a warm hug to me ❤ , because it helps me to understand that I’m worthy and it reminds me to practice self love.

Love Goes On

A sad girl synth electro pop song. It’s a break up song with super relatable lyrics, and yet it makes you wanna dance the pain away, especially in the instrumental break.


A bittersweet song about having a crush, but you just can’t muster up the courage to tell your crush about how you feel about them.

Overall this is a very cohesive and also intimate album, it makes feel so emotional, and it also makes me feel a sense of hope, like it’s okay to feel sad & vulnerable, and knowing that better days will come soon, you know?

Some of my favourite coords from 2015 – 2020

I started wearing the Japanese lolita fashion since I was a 2nd year student in University, that was when I discovered my local comm and finally decided to go for it.

I used to live in Hong Kong when I was a child, one day I discovered the fashion through a documentary. Then Kamikaze Girls was on cable TV, I was so amazed by all the BTSSB dresses Momoko wore. As a naive child, I actually didn’t quite get the story back then, because I only wanted to look at the dresses, but when I watched the movie again as an adult, it hits me differently, I love the bond between Momoko and Ichigo, it really shows the importance of how a great friendship can change each other’s life.

Without further ado, here are my favourite coords I did throughout the years:

Left: Day Dream Carnival Coord for Rose Foret Virtual Fashion Walk 2020

I have DDC for a while now, it’s one of my favourite dresses, but I only save it for special occasion/meet. 🙂 I wore an organza sax bonnet from Sweet Dreamer, it looks very similar to the AP bonnet from the DDC set. I also wore the Me Likes Tea tulle petticoat along with another small petticoat, this combo works the best when I want my dress to be extra poofy!

Right: Melody Toys Coord for Rose Foret Virtual Tea Party 2020

I bought the Melody Toys high waisted JSK from AP USA, I kept missing out on their re-releases, but finally it’s mine! The blouse is from Pumpkin Cat, it’s also the only long sleeve pink blouse that I have lol, but it works really well for sweet coordinate. The pink ribbon boots are from Queen Bee, which I wore a lot in my other coordinates as well. I might do a review of my alternative fashion shoes!

Left: BTSSB’s Circus Tutu coord

Circus Tutu is actually one of the first dresses I bought when I was a beginner, it holds a lot of cherish memories for me. I wore the macarons headband I made, the candies and heart hair clips are from Chocomint, some mini bows from Hot Topic which are very versatile, and the stars hair clip is actually from Paris Kid, it looks very identical to the Chocomint one.

Right: AP’s Magical Etoile coord

It has a similar aesthetic to Circus Tutu, I love the carnival theme and love that the print shows there are lolitas hanging around at the carnival. The pink bow platform shoes are from Bodyline, I’ve been wearing them since 2015, they really are great shoes for sweet lolita!

Left: AP’s Sugar hearts

I wore this coord when I went to see the Fall Colours with my family. I was going for a causal rainy day look. The lavender denim jacket is from GAP, rain boots are from Joe Fresh, heart shaped waist pack is from Sugarbones.

The macaron socks are from Zettairyoiki (Absolute Zone), The Japanese socks shop that specialize over the knee socks. They have a lot of cute, novelty designs, and the packaging is definitely very unique, not gonna spoil it for you though! 😛

The pins on my jacket are Sailor Justice from Kittynaut & BLM fundraiser pin from Xhilyn.

Right: AP’s Misty Sky

It’s my pre-Halloween coord. I was really excited to wear this spooky cute coord because I bought some new items! Like the Silent Moon socks from Moi Meme Moitie & Swan platform shoes from YRU.

Left: BTSSB’s Dot Millefeuille coord for my stay at home Easter/video chat with friends

This was when the 1st COVID lockdown began, there was a lot of uncertainty in the world. Even though my friends and I couldn’t see each other physically, but we figured that we could hang out in video chat.

Dot Millefeuille has these cute frill tiers, it looks just like a mille crepe cake which I’m craving as I’m typing this post right now. I don’t have a lot of BTSSB pieces, but this is my favourite non-print OTT sweet dress from BTSSB, and I would love to get the other colourways too!

I also started to wear my blonde ponytail extension more, if you keep reading the post, you would see I used to wore the twin pontails with my real hair along with claw clip extensions.

Right: AP’s Sugar Hearts coord for a mini meet up at Hanabusa Cafe aka the last IRL meet in 2020

That was the last time rosenocturnalia, Liz & I hang out irl, we had a lot of fun catching up though! The fluffy pancakes were amazing, it was a nice cafe with lovely decors.

I wore my lavender UGGs, they have tulle bows at the back. They’re cute, warm and cozy! They aren’t “lolita shoes”, but if you’re a Canadian lolita, trust me you don’t wanna mess with winter.

AP’s Twinkle Carnival coord for the Dear Lolita TO tea party 2019

It was such an amazing event ran by Toronto lolitas, they had Triple Fortune’s designers, Babi & Kaie as guests! I enjoyed the stories they shared about how they develop their fashion brand, what is the lolita community like in Japan, and how they enjoyed the sightseeing in Toronto (They really appreciate Toronto’s nature!).

I went for the Pink x Gold colourway for my tea party coord, I also brought my Rococo Soul crown sceptor, it’s still my favourite OTT accessory. 🙂

Left: BTSSB’s Dot Millefeuille coord for my birthday in 2018

My friends and I had afternoon tea at Sorelle & Co (unfortunately it has closed down since June 2020 </3 ) .

Right: AP’s jewellery jelly coord for Kevin’s street fashion project in 2017

I love this coord a lot, I got into OTT Sweet around that time, and I’m glad I was able to collect a lot of old OTT sweet accessories and jewellery from Chocomint, swimmer & AP when they were more accessible. I also have some hair ties with fluffy bow & tulle bow that are from Paris Kid, and I turn them into hair clips instead, they look a lot like the ones from Chocomint too.

These aren’t my favourite coords, but I will say thank u, next to them, because they taught me to how to develop my style further. ❤

Left: Infanta’s Tangled OP coord, 2015

I had a tighter budget when I was a beginner lolita, and I bought the OP because it was on sale at a taobao lolita reseller website. It’s a nice dress, but I knew it isn’t my style.

Middle: AP’s Aqua Princess coord, 2016

I love Aqua Princess because of the screen printed mermaid print and mint x pink colourway. I also really liked the strapless bustier cut (although I had to do the “pull my dress” up thing all the time), for some reasons it reminds me of Betsey Johnson, which is also a huge inspiration to me. I wore the back bow as a headbow because I didn’t own a mint headbow at that time, but I think the back bow works well.

I sold this dress last year, it’s a beautiful dress, but I don’t really see myself wearing it again in the future.

Right: Bodyline’s Tartan Jsk coord, 2015

My first actual lolita piece!! I was obsessed with old school lolita, this coord gave me Kamikaze Girls vibe with the white blouse and red tartan. And… it has heart shaped pockets!! I look nervous and tense in this photo because I was still a newbie, it was my 3rd meet up I think? and I didn’t know how to smile lol.

I figured that I’m not super into old school lolita anymore, and I sold this dress to a friend in my comm at a swap meet.

why I decided to start a blog in 2020

Some of you might already know I’ve been wearing the Japanese Lolita Fashion since 2014, I mainly used tumblr for documenting my outfits, sharing posts from the EGL community and Monster High fandom. Then I started using Instagram actively when it became a mainstream social media platform. There are a lot of pros and cons in social media, but I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of social media right now, or else I will start rambling about it lol.

Back then in the 2004-2012, I know a lot of Japanese Lolitas used to blog about their outfits, hobbies, purchases and meetups with friends on Yablog & Ameblo, remember the iconic AP Sugary Carnival & Magical Etoile clones?

Nowadays, Lolitas would post on IG story if they want to document their meetups, or showing off their latest purchases. The downside would be the stories are only available for 24 hours unless they decided to add them on highlights, and there’s only so many things you can say on a few 1080pixels by 1920pixels IG stories.

Please don’t get me wrong though, I do enjoy posting on IG story! I love sharing my quick thoughts, hauls, funny memes, some selfies. I love the cute fonts & gifs and it’s a fun & fast way to show a glimpse of my life & what I’ve been up to.

Since the pandemic started, our life has turned upside down. I also started to explore different things, I met some new people on discord, I’m working on my lolita hair accessories brand, I’m learning beginner ballet barre virtually as an adult. I also decided to write more blog posts for Toronto Zine Library, and it makes me realized I really enjoy writing. I hope I can use my blog to express my thoughts and talk about my experience about meetups, shows & events elaborately.