What’s in my bag? + My Jfashion purse collection

It’s the end of May, I feel like Toronto’s weather is really bizarre, few days ago, it was super warm and we even had a heat warning, everyone was packing up their winter clothes but now it’s chilly again and I’m wearing my oversized hoodie & knee high boots!

This month’s Bibliotheca prompt is related to jfashion purse essentials and purse collection, and I’m going to show you what I would usually carry in my purses during a lolita meet up in summer.

My essentials would be my phone, wallet, hand sanitizer, pocket tissues (these come in handy because you never know when and where you will need a tissue), eyelash glue, lipstick, wireless earbuds if I’m taking public transit, handheld mini fan which is good for hot summer outdoor meet, and folding comb (sometimes the wind can mess up your bangs!).

These are optional:

I usually would carry my instax mini camera especially if we are going to a special venue, I think it’s fun to watch the photos develop and I can hang them on my photo walls at home afterward. Though the downside would be, this instax camera takes up extra space in my purse, so I can only put it in my bigger handbags.

A selfie stick + tripod combo, this sweet gadget actually helps me to take a lot of nice coord shots of myself at home! It has a curved mirror so I can see where should I stand. I can see it can be helpful if I’m hanging out with a friend and we can use it to take full coord shots for both of us together, or I can use it to take some group selfies! Then again the downside would be, it’s a bulky item, so I need to plan which bag should I use. Hence the instax mini and selfie stick tripod would be my optional items.

Now for the bags, let’s start off with the pouchettes:

I’ve always wanted a usakumya pouchette since I was a beginner lolita, I’m so glad I was able to get it secondhand ❤ I think a lot of lolitas would agree that plushie bags are super cute, but they can only fit a smartphone, that’s why we have to carry an extra bag with us! Or if you’re Lizzo, then you have the magical ability to fit anything (Wine bottle! Bodysuit! Wig!) in a mini purse!

The Sugarbones Heartbreaker fanny pack! It’s designed by a Canadian artist. I bought it at the Toronto Pin + Patch show 2 years ago, I bought it because it’s a cute heart shaped purse and it would go well with a lot of my sweet coords. It can fit my phone, cards and eyelash glue & lipstick.

The usakumya pouchette can fit my iPhone 8, and that’s about it!

The seashell crossbody purse from Aldo, I love that I can wear it crossbody or carry it with the pearls handle. I actually don’t own any marine/mermaid theme lolita dress right now 😦 , but this is still a nice summer purse! It’s slightly larger than the Usakumya pouchette and the Sugarbones heartbreaker fanny pack.

The Rose Marie Seoir powder puff bags! I’ve already done a brief review on my RM haul post. I’ve been using them very often, even outside of j-fashion because they’re versatile and they can fit all of my essentials and even the selfie tripod stick!

And now we can move on to the big purses! I’ve been using this Kate Spade pink glitter polka dot handbag for about 4 years. I love the glitter dots and not only it can hold all of my essentials, the instax mini camera and selfie tripod stick, it can also hold my accessories (sometimes I like to put them on when I arrived at the venue).

Alternatively, I would carry my Rose Marie Seoir pillow tote bag if I can’t fit all of my things in my small pouchettes. The tabby kitten embroidery is so cute, and it looks a lot like my cat too!

Finally, my MILK heart shaped bag is still on its way, that’s why I’m using the stock photo, but once it has arrived, I will update my blog post as well.

Thank you for reading!

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